domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Legend World of Elvis Presley

World´s Legend of Elvis Presley
Unit 3

They say that the King of the rock died in 1959 while his military service was giving in Germany, because of a traffic accident, which would suppose the whole disaster for the propaganda device of the army.

For this motive, the CIA takes the case and discovers that Elvis had a twin brother called Jesse whom they force to supplant his deceased brother.

They teach him to dance, to sing and to ply the guitar.

They say that from he returns of the army, his songs become more melodic probably to cover this mistake that had the twin brother.

The legend ends by saying that Jesse, gets tired of the public life that goes and threatens to discover the whole plot, for what the CIA has to return to realize " other one of theirs " but in this occasion to make see that he had died and this time forever.
Comment: It looks like to me a very interesting history since he was a very famous singer and his death it was very mysterious.

Legend Urban of the Silvón

Legend Urban of the Silvón
Unit 3

The Silbón is a fright of the Venezuelan plains. Those who have seen it, (and survived) tell that he is a disproportionate man anatomical, very highly and thin, and while he moves over the glass of the trees, he emits a hiss that freezes the blood.

The legend tells that it is the soul in a sorrow of a son who was very pampered. One day said to his dad that he wanted to eat entrails of deer and his father, solicitous he went to hunt one. For his lateness he went to look for his progenitor and for having seen that he was not bringing anything, his father killed and I take the entrails to him in order that his mother was cooking them. These were not softened, the mother suspected that they were the "offals" of his spouse. And on having asked him his son confessed the truth.

Comment: It is a very dark history since the silbón killed his father and it is said that it goes out for him to the men who go out in the nights.

Day of Halloween

Day of Halloween
Unit 3

More than 2500 years ago, in europa there existed the Celts, whose year was ending exactly in a date that was coinciding with October 31 of our current calendar, and that was the summer end.

This day precisely the spirits could go out of the cemeteries and take possession of the living bodies to "resuscitate", that's why one was joining the cattle in the stables and there were decorated the houses with bones, skulls and other unpleasant things to scare the dead persons and that will go on from length in the houses.

The priests Celtas, called Druids they were adoring to a macabre divinity called Samhain (pronouncing Sa-ma) to who the current Christians link with his Satan.

Samhain in the language Gaelic means "summer End" and is celebrated coincidentally with our Gregorian calendar on October 31 and supposedly on this day the laws of the time and the space they are suspended temporarily and the barrier of the worlds disappears, therefore this day is propitious so that the spirits enter our world.

His celebration begins with the twilight of October 31, and the Sun and his step commemorates, also, the symbolic death of the God to the summer Earth, doing that the days become shorter and the longer and longer nights.

Comment: Here in Venezuela the tradition for this date we do disguises holidays and in the shopping centers they adorn them.

Day of the Chinita

Day of the chinita.
Unit 3

The month of November it is of special significance for the people zuliano, since during the same one the celebrations are carried out in honor of the Chinita (equivalent zuliano of guajirita) or Virgin of the Chiquinquirá.
according with the tradition zuliana, the Chinita came to Maracaibo on the waves of the lake. It counts the history that one day of the year 1749, a simple woman had just washed his clothes in the shores of the lake of Maracaibo, when suddenly it saw floating a thin woodenboard, who gathered thinking that might be useful to him to cover the water earthen jug that it had in the broker of his house. On the following morning, when it was straining the coffee, the woman listened to a few blows as if someone was calling. It went to see what was happening and stayed overwhelmed of astonishment on having seen that the planchette was shining and that it was appearing in her, the image of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá.
Comment: The day of the celebration of the chinita for me is one of the most important days since I have a lot of faith.

martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

My Family

My Family
Unit 4

My family group is integrate by five people, My parents and three brothers. My parents are married from 28 years ago.
We don´t have animals because my mother doesn`t like them. We have only one car in our home.


Tips to prevent kidnapping:
Unit 3

- For a kidnapped person, being alert is necessary and vital.
- A caller ID is also very convenient.
- Do not give information about your travels and journeys. Avoid giving exact data or modify at the last minute.

- Have a good and cordial relationship with your neighbors who may help you in an emergency.

Comment: It is necessary to be with a lot of care when we are out of our houses and to be very careful with the strangers this is my personal opinion.

Latest Fashion.

Latest Fashion.
Unit 4
It is certainly present in all the large cuts this season. The bangs back with force to adorn the heads of all women. Blondes or brunettes with long hair or short, never mind, there is a fringe for each of us. Find out what is the best for you.

Side Bangs: It's very cool cut extra-long bangs and drop on one side of the face covering it almost completely. This type of cut is good for long hair to short hair. You can test which side will face more conducive. As we can not completely symmetrical face, we always have our good side that we should not hide.

Comment: This cut is the last fashion it seems very pretty to me for the girls of long hair and also it is possible to use for short hair.